Ebbon Connect Platform offers an events and alerts platform that is TOTALLY adaptive to individual client requirements and is future-proofed for tomorrow.

Available for clients in:

Large dealer groups providing local fleet services

Operational leasing companies

Fleet management companies

Ebbon Connect Platform

Is a software platform to support Task Management in which we have invested substantially over the last 4 years.

Is an alert based, event generating system that makes those next actions highly visible to operators and management.

Is aimed at Lease Companies, large dealer groups and manufacturers that need visibility of follow up actions.

We provide competitive Customisation services using the Agile development methodology and a rapid expansion framework.

It can be rapidly and cost effectively tailored for each customer’s needs at the fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke projects.

It can optionally collect data from Connected Cars whether from the telematics units of our partners or a supplier of your choice.

Ebbon Connect Platform from:

Ebbon-Dacs Ltd

Providing enterprise scale cloud software and systems integration, specifically for the vehicle leasing and fleet management community

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