How the Ebbon Connect Platform service works

1. Implement the platform

a) We start by setting up your organisation, users and relationship structure in the platform

b) All hierarchies and relationships catered for – you are able to store every relationship associated with a vehicle e.g. driver, fleet manager, internal contact and whoever else you need to talk to

c) Event and alert generation for any reminder/contact requirement – our off the shelf reminders are link to features and we can easily add any new ones you need with our Customisation Services

d) Ebbon Connect Platform is Cloud based so it is highly scalable and resilient

2. Add your branding and tailor to your needs

a) Branding Ebbon Connect Platform to your corporate standards is straight forward and delivered quickly

b) Our experts will work with you to identify and prioritise the problem(s) you want to address

c) You can choose to use existing features and/or we will build new ones specific to your needs

d) Customisation of the platform for changes however small or large will always be cost-effective

3. For connected cars

a) Use one of our partners, or

We are happy to integrate data from your supplier